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Free French E-Mail
6 MG of free of spam-free e-mail...and the menu is bilingual English and French.
We have recipes for crepes, fondue and other French dishes as well as recipes for Cheese Cake and North American recipes if you're in Europe.  Ever wondered how to find cream cheese in France or how to cook from a French recipe with your North American measuring cups? We've got it at ClubFrancophone cooking. 
Learn French 
The site's unique English French side by side format allows you to see how we've communicated in both languages. We also provide some product recommendations to help learn French. 
Find out how you can get French TV in your home. Read French newspapers on-line. Listen to French radio on-line. Find out where to order movies, magazines and books in French.
Local Bilingual Communities
Learn about Francophone communities and clubs in your area. Find a French bakery in your neighborhood, or a medical professional who speaks French. More regional communities will be created.
Post messages or classified ads on ClubFrancophone to share with other French English bilingual folks.
Products and Services
If you live in most areas of the USA, it's tough to find rilettes and other French products right? Nope. We have partnered to bring you a wide selection of French and other products on-line.
Admit it French Expatriates miss their vacation time. So make the most of what you have! We also have resources that will help you plan a trip to France! We've taken special care to share the best deals available on the internet. 

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